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Toothless Tux Photography

There's more photos to come of "TiNk TiNk".. So check back soon Ya'LL~

       Toothless Tux Photography

 Toothless Tux... Tux saved and found me first. On a nice evening on February 19, 2014, I was sitting on my front porch when I

was living in Southern California with my African Gray Parrot "Pennylane." All of a sudden this cute tuxedo cat was about ready to have a nice dinner. Yeah, my parrot "Pennylane!" As I said aloud, "Oh my, lookie at what we got here?" And then that was it! I feel in love with the "Little Guy" that I ended up nick naming later on.

 At that time in my life, I was moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. And I already had 2 cats, so I knew that I could not take another cat in! It just was not a very logical move at that time. So that evening I fed this very skinny, malnourished cat that I just didn't even know what sex it even was at the time. So the following evening, I had to drive out a load of my belongings to Nevada. Just then, I got the idea to ask my Church going neighbor to watch the "Little Guy" for me until I got back. And the neighbor agreed to do so. As I was walking with "Little Guy" as he followed me as I played popcorn toss with him, the neighbor said to me, "You know, cats like protein? And I was like, "Well, yes I know, I already fed him protein!" We were just playing, and "Little Guy" loved to play, just a jovial spirit that this kitty kid had!

 As I was driving to Vegas, I had the worst thought that I could not shake off. That my Godly neighbor was NOT going to care for My "Little Guy" at ALL! As the night wore on, and I made it into my new home, I couldn't sleep. I had visions of "Little Guy" getting ran over and thrown in a gutter somewhere! Or freezing to death, stuck outside in the winter evening chill! Well, the weekend was a worrisome one, and I couldn't wait to get home to see "Little Guy!" Not to my surprise, as I rolled up in front of my condo in California, there was "Little Guy!" Cold and homeless, sitting on my front porch, waiting for me to arrive on my bench. Boy was I dissappointed in my neighbor! Why didn't he call me to say that he couldn't care for him? I could've taken "Little Guy" somewhere else until I got back! I wanted to clean him up with my vet and find him a home! That was my mission to begin with. And my neighbor knew that!



        The Story Behind The Name Toothless Tux...

This one says it ALL... Tink Tink's

very first bath!

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