~ Ruby performed 14 hours a day, 7 days a week during the entire duration of her Burlesque career. What Ruby loved the most about Burlesque? The traveling and excitement! Not to mention the liberation of it all! 

                  ~ Plus the creative opportunities that she was able to contribute & derive from the Burlesque business. Luckily enough, Ruby performed with some of the biggest celebrities in the show business. And naturally, does not regret one moment of it! 


                 ~ Today, Ruby is still known for her drivable clown props, as well as gracing several major magazines. Last but not least,  having the golden opportunity to work with The Legendary Master Boss Clown "Glen Frosty Little  ~

                           ~ Yep, Frosty clowned Ruby with a certified clowning certificate! ~


Only Under The Shabby Chic Tin Top!

       Before Camp Bimbo became crystallized ...

    Ruby performed as a Burlesque Star for 29 years!




Ruby's... Glamper the "WinkyDo"

   WinkyDo~ Ruby

All of Ruby's soaps smell so clean and refreshing!

Bimbo's HeadQuarters

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   *Nobody can beat Amish handmade stuff!*

       Soap business all started out in Tennessee, where 

 Ruby's family originally came from. There, Ruby 

 discovered a beautiful scenic Amish Farm that

 handmade goat milk & glycerin soaps. Amazed at

 the results and smell of these soaps, Ruby believed in

 them so whole heartedly, that she wanted to offer

 them to the public. Right out of her 1965 Cadillac

 and vintage trailer named the "Winkydo" in tow~ 






The only "Bimbo BoutTique" with a set of Rose wings!



  A Wink inside CampBimbo 

               "The Shabby Chic Tin Top"